Our Specialisms - Technology

building best in class, bespoke programmatic technology stacks

Programmatic Technology is at the heart of every successful programmatic advertiser. We believe that there is no “best programmatic technology on the market”, only the best technology for our client’s requirements.

There are thousands of technologies that support programmatic advertising. They all contribute to digital marketing performance and all support several use cases. The Programmatic Advisory enables marketers to scope their programmatic advertising platform requirements and empower them to build their ideal technology stack.

ad-server & analytics

Ad-servers and analytics are at the heart of your digital media advertising campaigns. Therefore, we ensure that our advertisers find the ad tech that centralises media tracking and integrates with their existing technology stack.

Ad-servers and analytics solutions work best when they become the central source of truth for media measurement. Advertisers need to ensure that they can track the most important KPIs across their media channels to maximise their effectiveness and ad spend.

Ad-servers often provide dynamic creative as part of their offering. We partner with advertisers to identify the technical and operational requirements needed to execute best practice.

brand safety

Brand safety has never been more important. An effective brand safety strategy understands all the risks of buying and then puts measures in place to protect the brand from damaging, inappropriate and unsafe content.

Therefore, we believe that this approach has to be bespoke for every brand. The Programmatic Advisory work closely with brands to define a brand safety strategy and identify technologies that align with it.

DSP, dmp & dco

Media technology comes in many shapes and sizes, so brands must be leveraging solutions that can drive performance against their business objectives. Over the course of several RFP processes for Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) providers, we have generated hundreds of technical requirements to find the perfect fit for our clients.

There is no best technology. Whether an advertiser operates an integrated or specialist technology stack, specific requirements should be constructed that align with advertiser use cases.

Our framework analyses providers on a variety of factors such as use cases, cultural fit and technical requirements.

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