Our Specialisms - Supply

ensuring that advertisers achieve optimised supply paths

Much has been spoken about the value of vendors in the supply chain. The first step in understanding the value added by vendors in this chain is to understand who the vendors are and what you are paying to each of them. There are opportunities to cut costs in these areas that can add great gains to true media performance.

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brand suitability

Adopting an overprotective brand safety strategy has had drawbacks for advertisers. As a result, advertisers are looking at how to strike the right balance between brand safety and reach.

Brand Suitability goes beyond the traditional brand safety strategies to more nuanced and bespoke ideologies. Brand Suitability takes into consideration the meaning, context along with the potential implications certain environments may have on your specific brand.
We bridge the gap between advertiser and suppliers to identify the optimal content and platforms to create a bespoke strategy that is suitable for your brand.

supply path optimisation

Supply Path Optimisation (SPO) has become a buzzword of the industry over the last few years. Yet, it carries a significant level of importance for advertisers.

The ultimate question brands need to be asking themselves is “What value does this supply partner add and does this value justify the cost?” Only through employing SPO strategies can this truly be answered by dissecting the layers between media buying and media owners.
SPO covers a wide spectrum of areas, which can often be intimidating, making it difficult to know where to begin. We will work with you to navigate through this landscape and work to define the SPO strategy that works best for your brand.

curated marketplaces

The fragmentation of the supply chain has led to a loss of control and transparency for advertisers. Creating increase pressure to justify the return on ad spend and prove marketing impact on business objectives.

Curated Marketplace offers advertisers the opportunity to regain control whilst providing greater transparency of the inventory being bought by building positive relationships with both SSPs and Publishers within brand-safe environments.

We utilise our understanding of the supply landscape combined with our extensive relationships with global publishers to help you build the perfect curated marketplace for your specific brand.

supply audit

On average, a global marketer has access to 771 billion impressions daily, when logging into a programmatic buying platform. With each impression being completely different from the next it requires proactive and ongoing analysis to remove unwanted impressions for targeting.

A supply audit enables advertisers to make sense of the noise and identify the most valuable supply for them. Optimal programmatic media buying balances three key pillars; Quality, Transparency and Performance. We take a simple approach to our supply audits that makes it efficient and effective for advertisers to gain an understanding of their supply whilst offering actionable recommendations.