Sponsored Content for Ad:Tech or Managed Service Providers

The programmatic landscape is complex and features thousands of ad-tech providers. The ecosystem frequently changes, making it difficult for advertisers to keep up. Recent announcements, such as the future removal of third-party cookies in Chrome, have left advertisers with multiple questions with few answers.

The Programmatic Advisory provides impartial, strategic advice for advertisers and frequently publish research to educate them on these complexities. We generate hundreds of downloads from our sponsored content and some of our topics include:

  • Emerging Programmatic Channels
  • Blockchain
  • Addressable TV

We’re providing advertising vendors the opportunity to reach advertisers that are invested in specific topics, by sponsoring our research. Through sponsored research, you will have the opportunity to reach valuable audiences and associate yourselves with a leading voice in the industry.


We have a simple six-step approach to research and content creation for your sponsored research.

  1. Kick off meeting – Understanding the topic/s and tone
  2. Research
  3. Draft creation
  4. Feedback
  5. Content finalised
  6. Social sharing

There is an optional step for ‘paid amplification’ but we would expect the supplier to incur any costs (although we’d be happy to make relevant intro’s to trade journalists who hold us in high regard)

What we require
  • An understanding of your marketing objectives and KPIs
  • Access to brand imagery and templates
  • Access to your sales documentation and where possible, access to the tech/product directly
How long it takes

From the kickoff meeting to social sharing, we expect most research projects to take 4 weeks (assuming no diary difficulties). This of course will depend on the topic and level of research required.

Why The Programmatic Advisory
  • We have the most-rounded view on the programmatic market
  • We pride ourselves on being the most trusted, impartial experts in the industry
  • We are programmatic practitioners turned consultants
  • We work with some of the largest brands in the world
Expected costs

Advertisers have multiple advertising needs and work with several vendors in various capacities. Therefore, the research topics that they consume can be extremely varied, depending on their needs.

We will work closely with you to fully scope out the requirements of the research on the topic of your choice.

Please contact us via the form below to find out more.