Is Programmatic Ready for Blockchain? – Whitepaper – December 2018

Blockchain has been one of the most widely discussed topics within marketing this year and new businesses have surfaced that promise to end the challenges faced in programmatic advertising with the application of it. In this whitepaper, we will analyse what Blockchain can mean for Programmatic advertising and whether the industry is ready to adopt it.

We have analysed solutions that tackle the following challenges seen in programmatic advertising;

  • Media transparency – The solutions that will surface transactions on a Blockchain.
  • Payment and reconciliation –  The solutions that will use a distributed ledger to track what is ordered, delivered and billed.
  • Ad fraud – The solutions that will use Blockchain tokens to verify legitimate buyers and sellers.
  • Privacy – Blockchain-based browsers and marketplaces that put users in control of their data and their relationship with publishers and advertisers.

These solutions also face challenges themselves that hinder their chances of widespread adoption within the advertising ecosystem. We have outlined six of the biggest challenges to answer the question, “Is Programmatic Ready for Blockchain?”. Listen to the podcast for this whitepaper here:

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