Case Study – User Identity Strategy

7 Key Requirements Identified, 7 Identity Solutions Analysed, 6 Recommendations Made and an 18 Month Roadmap Created
User Identity Strategy

We worked with a multi-market retailer to quantify the impact of GDPR and browser changes on marketing effectiveness. Following this, we analysed the solutions in market today and developed a roadmap to solve for current and future identity challenges.

The brief

The brand recognised the need to define their approach to user identity and customer tracking, to drive forward with solutions. This is so that they could safely future proof the performance and measurement of their digital marketing activity. As a result, they tasked The Programmatic Advisory to quantify the impact and assist then in creating a User Identity Strategy.

Without this understanding, and without putting solutions in place, their reliance on identity and measurement within performance driven marketing would have resulted a continued decline in performance over time.

The Process

Phase one of this project was to identify the role of user identity and customer tracking in the advertising process and then to explain (why and by how much) these changes to the ecosystem will impact the business. For example, we quantified the amount of users that have become untrackable after 24 hours by Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) in Safari and the estimated impact on performance.

Phase two explored the solutions in the market today. We constructed a bespoke list of requirements that identity solutions need to solve for. The Programmatic Advisory then analysed the ability of the client’s current marketing partners (Google, Facebook and their Agency) against these and all third-party solutions that they had not yet engaged with.

The Output

We used this analysis to set out a roadmap for successfully addressing user identity challenges over the next 18 months. The client used this to establish key relationships with the appropriate technology vendors and most notably, prepare for significant future ecosystem changes.

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