Publisher Monetisation

20 Hours of Research, 6 Pillars Audited, 2 Experts Assigned & £1m in Incremental Revenue
Publisher Monetisation

We worked with a well known publisher weather service. The publisher’s digital properties are reached by millions of people across the UK and their current digital strategy focuses around utilising sponsorship, programmatic, direct and social channels to drive revenue for their business.

Our Brief

Our brief was to identify incremental revenue growth opportunities for the above mentioned channels. This was to enable the publisher to achieve their 2018 revenue target, as well as increase their overall share of voice. During the audit, we assessed their strategy and the potential for incremental revenue growth across 6 key areas; the business model, current digital assets, programmatic, sponsorship, social media and sales.

The publisher had a vast quantity of quality, brand safe and engaging content with high performing formats across their digital portfolio. However, the main challenge was to ensure that their advertising and sponsorship did not appear to be too invasive or harm the user experience across their channels.

Our Output

We provided a total of 28 in-depth recommendations across the six key areas we audited. This achieved a potential total of £1m in additional incremental revenue. Recommendations ranged from:

  • Establishing more PMP deals across SSPs
  • Capitalising on traffic influxes during severe weather
  • Testing new formats across current digital properties
  • Carrying out an audience-centric approach to identifying potential sponsors
  • Tactically growing their YouTube and Twitter social channels to allow for publisher monetisation

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