Case Study – Global Telecoms Programmatic Benchmarking

€2.7m of Media Budget Analysed, 15 Categories Audited, 103 Criteria Scored and Analysed, 6 Programmatic Platforms Audited
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The Programmatic Advisory worked with a Global Telecoms brand to identify key areas of success and improvement across 15 categories. We used our experience in programmatic benchmarking to move our client closer to best practice media buying.

The Brief

A global Telecoms brand were looking to identify areas of success and improvement before rolling out additional investment globally. They tasked The Programmatic Advisory to conduct a deep dive programmatic review in order to benchmark their media buying against best practice.

The Process

Focusing on the core pillars of transparency and performance, we benchmarked their success against a best practice programmatic solution. To do so, we analysed multiple programmatic platforms as well as supporting documentation from six hand picked campaigns for a specialised deep dive. Each campaign was audited against 15 categories including data fees, tech fees, campaign structure, brand safety, measurement and KPI’s.

Programmatic Benchmarking Stats
The Output

The results of this granular deep dive showed strength in the brand’s approach to data and commercial relationships, but highlighted ample opportunity to reduce media wastage through supply chain optimisation and the application of ad verification.

Our findings demonstrated that amends to these areas could increase media investment efficiency by up to 30%. We worked to educate both the brand and agencies on these areas, to roll out a feasible implementation plan and get the most out of their media investment.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the client as they gave us the opportunity to put our deep expertise into practice. As a result, the client received an impartial view on the key areas in which they can improve to strive towards best practice.

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