Case Study – Digital Media In-Housing Feasibility and Strategy

9 Global Stakeholders Interviewed, $45m+ Media Investment Reviewed, 26 Recommendations Made & an 18 Month In-Housing Roadmap Created

media in-housing case study
Our Brief

The Programmatic Advisory conducted a media in-housing feasibility study after a brand had decided that they wanted to in-house media buying and programmatic advertising. We then created a custom strategy to ensure a smooth roll out over 18 months that outlined all the essential considerations to avoid error.

When in-housing programmatic advertising there are several considerations that brands must consider such as Talent, Technology, Measurement, and more. Not all brands are ready to in-house display and programmatic advertising in its entirety, however, key steps can be taken to take greater control of programmatic media.

We worked with a Global Entertainment Brand who had made the decision to in-house their digital media buying. To do this successfully, they tasked The Programmatic Advisory to identify the key risks and opportunities of in-housing. They then tasked us to build an 18-month strategy to complete it successfully.

Our Process

Our team reviewed their existing programmatic setup by analysing their advertising platforms and existing process documentation. We also interviewed key stakeholders across two regional hubs (US and UK) to identify their existing and future challenges. The Programmatic Advisory discovered that the client had already started to in-house display without considering some potentially significant risks.

Our Output

We provided detail on the commercially feasibility of media in-housing and then made 26 recommendations. As a result, the client to avoid the risks identified and leverage the largest opportunities. Our recommendations allowed our client to take key first steps into in-housing with confidence and initiate time-consuming tasks, such as resourcing, effectively.

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