Digital Media Audit

$1.5m in Annual Cost Savings, 14 Scorecards Provided, 7 Advertiser Teams Engaged, 30 Suggestions for Improvement
Digital Media Audit Case Study

We partnered with Ad Optics to conduct a digital media audit for one of the largest digital advertisers in the US and Canada.

The Brief

One of the largest digital advertisers in US and Canada approached Ad Optics to conduct a financial audit of their digital media activity, which was bought through separate US and Canadian agencies (combined fees of $10m+).

Ad Optics partnered with us to overlay our deep digital expertise into the process.

The Process

The audit considered:

  • Cash flow management with agency and their suppliers
  • Timesheet analysis of agency team
  • Interrogation of all contracts
  • Brand safety approach and liability
  • Media controls and financial processes
  • Operating model effectiveness
  • Digital media KPIs
The Output

The digital media audit provided detailed insight into the advertiser’s performance and provided a series of practical recommendations on how to become much more efficient, whilst still maintaining performance and growth targets.

Client Feedback

“This is the best piece of work we have had from any of our suppliers in the past three years – we will now conduct this every two years” – Chief Marketing Officer

“This audit has provided us with clarity on areas where we need to improve, as well as our agency suppliers. This gives us a clear and tangible roadmap for improvement for the next year. This work is invaluable” – Brand Senior Marketing Manager

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