Case Study – Dynamic Creative Optimisation Playbook

13 Actionable Knowledge Areas Covered, 4 Regions Supported, 6 weeks, 5 Quick-start Checklists Provided
Vodafone DCO Playbook Quote

The Programmatic Advisory worked with Vodafone to create a DCO playbook. They had invested in a new Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) Technology and with only six weeks remaining to meet their implementation deadline, realised there was a gap in local market understanding on the potential of this new tool.

The Brief

The Programmatic Advisory was engaged to deliver a playbook that would explain how markets could utilise the tool to deliver brilliant personalisation, with creative efficiency. This was to enable the swift adoption of the new technology across their local markets.

The Process

Working closely with the technical provider to ensure there was no duplication of effort, the playbook covered 13 critical knowledge areas from an introduction to DCO, through to topics such as format considerations, creative decision trees and reporting.

Each section provided an introductory guide to a particular aspect of dynamic creative, providing markets with the knowledge to more effectively use the technical guides provided by the vendor.

The Output

The playbook was successfully produced within tight timescales, providing markets with an actionable and practical guide to support their prompt adoption of a new way of working.

This project required a high-level of teamwork with internal and external stakeholders to complete on time. We were delighted with the final product and the feedback we received from the client.

Client Feedback

“The Programmatic Advisory delivered a brilliant playbook in a tight timeframe. With their support we met our implementation deadline and are confident that markets will get the most from our technology investment equipped with the knowledge and practical guidance in this Playbook”

Senior Marketing Manager, Vodafone

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