Case Studies

Discover our programmatic case studies ranging from programmatic deep dives, in-housing strategies, playbooks and reviews.

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Case Study – Gaming Advertiser In-Housing Strategy

Case Study – Global Programmatic Transformation

Case Study – Global Telco Audit 2020

Case Study – Advancing Measurement and Trafficking Through Detailed Playbooks

Case Study – Digital Media Audit

Case Study – Global Telecoms Programmatic Benchmarking

Case Study – Programmatic Partner Review – RAC

Case Study – Dynamic Creative Optimisation Playbook

Case Study – User Identity Strategy

Case Study – Digital Media In-Housing Feasibility and Strategy

Case Study – Automotive Brand Programmatic Review

Case Study – Global Travel Brand Programmatic Audit

Case Study – Brand Safety Technology Review & Implementation

Case Study – Campaign Restructure

Case Study – Programmatic Stack Review

Case Study – Operating Model

Case Study – Training Program

Case Study – Managed Service

Case Study – Publisher Monetisation