Programmatic Monetisation Review

Publishers are facing a challenging world where competition is increasing and CPMs are decreasing. Devising a successful programmatic monetisation strategy is becoming increasingly complex with technical setups, identity management, data segmentation, brand safety based demonetization, buyer relationships, formats and deal types all requiring a defined approach in order to maximise revenue.

With in-depth practical experience on both the buy and sell-side of the industry we are very well placed to support publishers in navigating these complexities to ensure that maximum value is derived from each ad impression.

We have created a product which allows a review of your programmatic monetisation approach and to present back opportunities for improvement which can lead to increased advertising based revenue.


We have a simple five-step approach to analysing and improving your programmatic monetisation approach:

  1. Internal stakeholder meetings (conducted remotely)
  2. Document, reporting and platform analysis
  3. Recommendation build
  4. Presentation back with findings and opportunities
  5. Support to implement recommendations (optional)
What we require
  • List of up no less than 3 and up to 6 internal stakeholders to meet with who are involved with your approach to programmatic monetisation (head of ad ops, revenue optimisation, sales director, account manager etc.)
  • Access to your documentation regarding monetisation strategy, key reporting metrics and access to tech platforms where possible
How long it takes

From our first day of internal stakeholder meetings until presentation back, takes 2 weeks (assuming no diary difficulties). The implementation support would follow this and timescales for this would depend on the recommended actions.

Why The Programmatic Advisory
  • We have conducted 5+ projects like these for market-leading publishers.
  • We have the most-rounded view on the programmatic market with both buy and sell-side experience
  • We are programmatic practitioners turned consultants
  • We do not have any conflict of interests in our business and therefore able to make the best recommendations for you
  • Case study –
Expected costs

We know it is a challenging time for publishers in today’s market, but taking control of your approach to programmatic monetisation can deliver greater fill, yield and overall revenues.

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