Our Specialisms

Our programmatic advertising specialisms are based on our client’s goals and challenges. We also structure our specialisms into four areas; Operations, Data, Supply and Technology. Whilst these are the typical areas we offer our clients, we also offer bespoke services for advertisers with unique challenges.

The team at The Programmatic Advisory, are true technical experts with strong commercial acumen who have a rare ability to cut through the industry buzz words to advise on practical but transformative solutions. The team have played a critical role in the transformation of our digital advertising programmes here at NEXT. They have become trusted partners who have become very much part of our team. Their remit has also included delivering practical tailored training, which has led to a step change in my team’s skills and knowledge.

Sue Varley
Head Of Digital Marketing, NEXT
Programmatic Services


Ensuring that advertiser operations drive best in class advertising.

  • Operating Model
  • Partner Selection
  • In-Housing


Empowering advertisers to realise the full potential of their data.

  • Privacy & User Identity
  • Digital Measurement
  • Data Relationships


Establishing client control over programmatic supply.

  • Supply Path Optimisation
  • Creation of Curated Marketplaces
  • Brand Suitability Analysis


Building best in class, bespoke programmatic technology stacks.

  • Ad-Serving & Analytics
  • Brand Safety
  • DSP, DMP & DCO

What Makes Us Different

In a world where other consultancies are increasingly accepting media and technology deals and rebates, we have never and will never do this. Therefore, this stance allows us to deliver all projects with complete flexibility and impartiality.

We are a specialist, programmatic advisory that works with some of the world’s leading advertisers in order to deliver business outcomes.


Brands need specialist strategic partners to navigate complex ecosystems.


Programmatic will be the mechanism for the majority of media delivery.


Advice must be detached from buying relationships and be impartial.

Bringing Confidence to Programmatic Advertising

Bring confidence to programmatic advertising through practical, strategic steps and delivering true media performance for your business.

Businesses need confidence that they can deliver true performance from their investments and media buying. Our team of impartial experts can work as an extension of your marketing department in order to achieve this confidence by developing a data driven, strategic alignment of processes.

From our experience of working alongside the world’s most successful advertisers, taking control of the four pillars of operations, data, technology and supply allows you to achieve true media performance. Therefore, from taking actionable steps in these pillars, media performance can be dramatically improved against both micro and macro metrics.

A huge part of Expedia’s journey in programmatic has been focused on internal education. As part of our ongoing efforts to be better every day, we employed TPA to deliver a program of unbiased professional training. The high-quality content and consultancy has delivered great value to the Expedia team.

Rory Patterson
Global Head of Programmatic, Expedia

Programmatic Reviews

A programmatic review​ is a way to regain control, visibility and confidence in your programmatic performance.​ These reviews are conducted from an impartial perspective to determine whether programmatic media spends are being truly maximised and if technology is being used to the full potential.

We have no conflict in our business (i.e. no media deals or rebates), so we are well placed to help our client’s money work hard for their incentives and not our own. ​Our vast array of hands-on programmatic experience places us well to truly understand the intricacies of programmatic. Overall, we can provide complex and successful reviews of your programmatic advertising campaigns.

Additionally, to find out more about our processes and costs, download our brochure.

The Programmatic Advisory provided us with impartial strategic advice to ensure that we would select the right partner for our needs. Highly professional, responsive and friendly. I would certainly recommend.

Tom James
Biddable Media Manager, The RAC