Programmatic Audit

A Programmatic Audit – A strategic review which leads to actionable recommendations.

What is a programmatic audit?

A programmatic audit analyses an advertiser’s current capability against their objectives and provides strategic recommendations. It details opportunities for improvement across the following pillars: Technology, Data, Creative, Inventory and Talent.

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Why is it important?

Audits help advertisers identify gaps in their Programmatic strategy and execution.

A common challenge for advertisers is the lack of control over their Programmatic strategy. This is usually due to a lack of understanding into what is being activated. Audits can help advertisers take greater control over their activity by simply giving them a better understanding of what is happening under the hood.

The most important advantage of having an audit conducted for a brand is the opportunity to identify their biggest growth opportunities. Whether this is within strategy, activation or planning; an audit can provide actionable recommendations focused on driving results.

Another great benefit of programmatic auditing is that it allows advertisers to critically assess their programmatic operating model. There is no one-size-fits all model and an audit can identify the areas where advertisers need the most support.

What to Expect in a Programmatic Audit

Conducting an audit with an impartial partner like The Programmatic Advisory ensures that the findings, and the recommendations that follow it, are fair and purely focussed on the advertiser’s goals rather than a third parties.

At The Programmatic Advisory, we conduct our audits to benchmark against best practices across the five main pillars of Programmatic.


Within an audit, a comprehensive review is conducted across data collection, insight, segmentation and activation in order to determine any gaps across the whole data journey.

The goal is to have a centralised data storage with accurate and compliant audience segments. An audit can help advertisers identify their key data strategies and begin to future-proof them as the user identity landscape changes.


During a programmatic audit, The Programmatic Advisory would map the existing technologies used to plan and execute campaigns. Following this, we would conduct a gap analysis against the advertisers requirements. Each technology should have a clear purpose and aligns with these requirements.

Also, the importance of verification within technology is also investigated to ensure that the correct measures are in place for the brand.


During an audit, The Programmatic Advisory audit the use of creative in the existing programmatic strategy. Within programmatic advertising, there are opportunities to create efficiencies in the production of creative and also increase the relevance of it using data.

The goal of our audit is to highlight the barriers to creating a unified customer experience with highly relevant messaging.


During an audit, The Programmatic Advisory analyses the inventory currently being bought, how it is bought and its performance. Our goal is to highlight whether inventory opportunities are frequently sought with well-managed paths to supply.


Advertisers should resource clear roles to each member of the team. Developing programmatic knowledge across both these teams greatly increases the adoption of best practice. During an audit, The Programmatic Advisory will identify the opportunities to develop programmatic talent.

Our Case Studies
  • The Programmatic Advisory conducted a deep dive across 6 markets for a leading global telecoms brand with a core focus around transparency and performance. We created a timelined implementation plan provided recommendations to enhance efficiency up to 60%.
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