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Bring Confidence to Programmatic

Bring confidence to programmatic advertising through practical, strategic steps and deliver true media performance for your business.

In uncertain times, businesses need confidence that they can deliver true performance from their investments, whether those investments are in talent, back-end operations or customer facing marketing. Confidence can only be achieved through strategic alignment of multiple processes. We think this confidence can only be delivered by impartial experts working as an extension of the marketing department, let us tell you why….

What is True Media Performance

True media performance allows brands to understand the effectiveness of media buying with accuracy. It allows advertisers to identify the impact of their campaigns and media on business objectives.

Setting objectives that reflect business objectives and extracting maximum value from media are two key contributors to true media performance. However, advertisers can buy media in many ways and in multiple marketplaces, so it is not always easy to extract maximum value consistently.

The complexities of digital media make it difficult to achieve holistic true media performance without significantly investment. However, we believe that all advertisers can take small, practical steps to improve their performance significantly. These actionable steps bring confidence to programmatic marketers in a complex ecosystem.

We have found that in our experience, working alongside the world’s most successful advertisers, true media performance is unpinned by six pillars. Taking actionable steps in each of these pillars can dramatically improve media performance against both micro and macro metrics.

How to Achieve True Performance and Bring Confidence to Programmatic

We have laid out the six pillars of true media performance below. It is absolutely critical to understand what is required within each pillar to maximise effectiveness and bring confidence to programmatic.

1 – Talent

Talent is hugely important when seeking true media performance. It allows an advertiser to push their partners and media channels further. The processes that your talent execute against are also vital as it facilitates efficiency.

Best in class advertisers leverage:

  • Internal and external channel expertise
  • Talent that co-operates internally and externally
  • Seamless processes with reduced bottlenecks

2 – Technology

There is no such thing as the best technology in market. Only the best technology for your requirements. Media technology comes in many shapes and sizes so it is important that brands are leveraging the solutions that can drive performance against their business objectives.

Best in class advertisers leverage:

  • Technologies that reflect specific requirements
  • Technology providers understand their business and act as partners
  • Integration of technologies to enable the seamless transfer of data

3 – Data

True media performance is underpinned by data as it eliminates waste and identifies growth drivers. Brands that are achieving great performance have access to quality data and at scale. It can be acquired from many sources and its quality can vary so brands need to own a robust data strategy to maximise media performance.

Best in class advertisers leverage:

  • Access to scaled, quality and compliant data
  • An understanding of their most valuable data
  • Activation of data in environments where it is typically harder to find

4 – Creative

Media is simply the delivery of a brands message to a consumer. The format of that message should reflect the format of the media it is being delivered against and of course resonate with the user. Digital media offers a huge selection of formats to advertisers with new formats being added every week. Brands can use these new formats to their advantage to stand out where their competitors are not, and to maximise their opportunity to be seen by consumers.

Best in class advertisers leverage:

  • Creative that resonates with users
  • Creative that utilises the formats available
  • Data-driven creative

5 – Measurement

Digital media is unique in its accountability. There are hundreds of metrics to choose from and these will vary depending on the channels used by and advertiser. Without meaningful KPIs that reflect business objectives, brands are subject to false media performance. This is when there is a positive perception of media performance that had little to no effect on business objectives. For example, a high click through rate on a campaign that drove no valuable leads.

Best in class advertisers leverage:

  • Considered KPIs that reflect business KPIs
  • Accurate macro and micro measurement solutions
  • An understanding of channel specific metrics and when to apply them

6 – Commercials

Much has been spoken about the value of vendors in the supply chain. The first step in understanding the value added by vendors in this chain is to understand who the vendors are and what you are paying to each of them. There are opportunities to cut costs in these areas that can add great gains to true media performance.

Best in class advertisers leverage:

  • Commercial transparency
  • Direct commercial agreements with their partners
How We Can Help

We have helped leading advertisers such as Vodafone, Expedia, Next, Deutsche Telekom and RAC on their programmatic journeys. We are a true extension of the marketing team.

Bring Confidence to Programmatic is a six week project which culminates in the presentation of a transformation roadmap to ensure advertisers are confident on where they should focus, when and what the costs of doing so are.

We combine our highly practical and strategic experience to ensure this is robust and tailored for each individual advertiser.

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Who We Are

The Programmatic Advisory provide impartial advice which empowers advertisers. It’s been our approach (and slogan!) since our inception. We have never felt it as important to have that approach more than today. We have no conflict in our business, and therefore believe we are well placed to help our clients money work hard for their incentives and not our own.

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