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One of the questions we are frequently asked is ‘What do The Programmatic Advisory do?’ and whilst the simple answer is that we consult in programmatic based on our client’s goals or challenges, we realised the need to structure our services into four areas so that our clients can easily access our capability.

In a world where other consultancies are increasingly accepting media and technology deals and rebates, we have never and will never do this. This stance allows us to deliver all projects with complete flexibility and impartiality, moving away from practices such as legacy benchmarking, and instead utilising newly developed and more relevant methodologies to areas such as auditing in today’s digital world.

Below you can see our modules, which are the key areas we consult against and our services, which is the framework for how we deliver our work.

The Programmatic Advisory. Impartial Advice. Empowered Advertising.

Our services

  • Review – Providing advertisers with an analysis of their current capability and best practice. We benchmark our clients’ current programmatic capability against best practice and review capability by scoring against seven core programmatic pillars. We then provide both tactical and strategic improvement recommendations against a bespoke timeline.
  • Transition – Supporting organisations on their programmatic journey, every step of the way. Transition focuses on guiding organisations from “As-Is” to “To-Be”, minimising disruption while maximising benefits. We are an extension of the client’s team every step of the way, ensuring the recommendations we make can be delivered with lasting results.
  • Track – Providing continual tracking and monitoring to advance programmatic success. We work closely with clients to monitor ongoing progress against specific benchmarks, making impactful recommendations against our findings. Organisations can be confident they continue to adhere to best practice, delivering sustainable, long lasting results while the industry evolves.
  • Train – Developing the programmatic knowledge and skills of our clients’ teams. Train utilises our expert subject knowledge to deliver fully customisable, hands-on training for our clients. We take pride in ensuring that all participants leave our training sessions feeling more knowledgeable and empowered to deliver in their respective roles.

Our modules

  • In-Housing
  • Creative
  • Talent
  • Technology
  • Planning
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • Brand Safety
  • Measurement
  • Data Strategy
  • Supply
  • 5 Year Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Financial Operations
  • Agency Selection
  • Training
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