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Our programmatic consultancy services are based on our client’s goals and challenges. We structure our services into four areas; Operations, Data, Partnerships and Technology.

In a world where other consultancies are increasingly accepting media and technology deals and rebates, we have never and will never do this. This stance allows us to deliver all projects with complete flexibility and impartiality. Moving away from practices such as legacy benchmarking, and instead utilising newly developed and more relevant methodologies to areas such as auditing in today’s digital world.

Below you can see our service modules, which are the key areas we consult on. While these are the typical service areas for our clients, we can create bespoke services for advertisers with unique challenges.

The Programmatic Advisory. Impartial Advice. Empowered Advertising.

Four quadrants of programmatic strategy showing operations, data, technology and partnerships.

Ensuring that advertiser operations are set up to drive best in class programmatic advertising.

Advertisers are becoming increasingly more responsible for their programmatic advertising. As a result, many often require a strategic programmatic consultancy to look inward and improve their own capability. We empower advertisers to make smarter decisions and align them operationally to maximise the effectiveness of programmatic advertising.

  • Operating Model – The advertiser operating model is no longer standardised. The trend of programmatic, display and media in-housing has driven advertisers to rethink the traditional model. We use our extensive experience to support brands in building their bespoke operating model and evolve it over time.
  • Innovation – Programmatic innovation ensures that advertisers are using data and technology as a competitive advantage. Our training and development courses provide the tools needed for programmatic innovation. Our market-leading training led us to become the chosen providers of programmatic training for the IAB UK.
  • Commercial Feasibility – Commercial Feasibility is essential when undertaking any new project. From technology stack construction to digital media in-housing, we ensure that the opportunity is quantified and the risks are minimised.

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Empowering advertisers to unlock the value of their data.

Data is essential for best in class programmatic advertising. With regulation such as GDPR, and the changes imposed by browsers to block third-party tracking, data has never been so valuable to brands. This is why we provide strategic consulting on how to navigate these challenges, so that brands can continue to practice compliant, targeted advertising, at scale.

  • Data Privacy – We ensure that brands understand the impact of user privacy on marketing, and build strategies to engage the solutions that meet key user identity requirements. See our user identity strategy case study for details on how we achieved this for a large multi-market retailer.
  • Measurement – Media Measurement is one of the most important functions for any brand. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to achieve a comprehensive view on how media is performing. We believe that media measurement should be closely aligned to business performance. Ultimately, brands need a bespoke approach to their measurement strategy and we consult on just that.
  • Targeting – Targeting is the first thing that comes to mind when many people think about programmatic. We ensure that advertisers and their agencies have as much relevant data as possible at their disposal and are using it to its full potential. Our data strategy review for a leading banking advertiser uncovered several missed opportunities to provide stronger data to their agency.

Building best in class, bespoke programmatic technology stacks.

Programmatic Technology is at the heart of every successful programmatic advertiser. We believe that there is no “best technology on the market”, only the best technology for our client’s requirements. We scope advertiser requirements with our clients and empower them to select their ideal technology. See how we achieved this in our programmatic stack review case study.

  • Ad-Server & Analytics – The heart of your digital media campaigns. We ensure that our advertisers find the technology that centralises media tracking and integrates with their existing technology stack.
  • Brand Safety –  An effective brand safety strategy understands the risks of media buying and puts in place measures to protect the brand from damaging, inappropriate and unsafe content. The Programmatic Advisory believe that this approach should be bespoke to every brand so empower brands to partner with technologies that meet their specific requirements. See how we achieved this for a global gaming brand in this case study.
  • DSP, DMP & DCO – Our framework analyses providers on a variety of factors, including but not limited to; commercials, use cases, cultural fit and technical requirements. Over the course of several RFP processes for DSPs, DMPs and DCO providers, we have generated hundreds of technical requirements to find the perfect fit for our clients.

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Establishing fair, transparent and effective partnerships between advertisers and their agency, data and media partners.

We believe that relationships between advertisers and their service providers should not be purely transactional. That’s why we work with advertisers to establish programmatic partnerships across agencies, data and media providers.

  • Agencies – We’ve worked closely with multiple brands to manage their agency selection processes. Our framework ensures an efficient process where advertisers see the best that agencies can offer. Ultimately, our advertiser clients establish transparent and fair partnerships with their agency partners. See how we achieved this in our Programmatic Partner Review case study.
  • Media – Advertisers are familiar with specialist media partnerships but can often be unsure how to structure them. We work with advertisers to quantify the value of media partnerships and broker bespoke deals.
  • Data – Programmatic data is essential for driving performance in programmatic advertising. We empower brands to leverage second and third-party data relationships to bolster their programmatic advertising.

Our modules

  • Campaign Optimisation
  • Brand Safety
  • Measurement
  • Data Strategy
  • Supply
  • 5 Year Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Financial Operations
  • Agency Selection
  • Training
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