Our Specialisms - Operations

ensuring that advertiser operations are set up to drive best in class programmatic advertising

Advertisers are becoming increasingly more responsible for their programmatic buying and advertising. As a result, many require a strategic programmatic consultancy to look inward and improve their own capability.

We empower advertisers to take greater responsibility for their programmatic operating model, agency partners and in-house media planning and buying.

Programmatic Operating Model
operating model

The programmatic operating model is no longer a binary decision. Therefore, the trend of media in-housing has driven advertisers to rethink the traditional agency business models.

In-housing does not necessarily mean that advertisers are bringing all programmatic media operations, both planning and buying, in-house. Most are simply taking ownership of some aspects of media operations such as the ownership of technology contracts or the planning of specific channels.

We use our extensive experience to support brands in building their bespoke operating model and evolve it over time. To do this, we ensure that we understand the motivations of in-housing and by analysing the potential impact of in-housing specific functions.

partner selection

The role of agency and media partners differ for every brand and are one of the most important relationships an advertiser can have. We support brands in identifying and selecting the most suitable partners for their requirements.

The complexity of the digital marketing ecosystem often means that it can become challenging to build comprehensive requirements in a partner selection process. Therefore, we can help advertisers build the confidence to select partners that understand their needs but also operate at the cutting edge of digital marketing.

We pair impartiality and deep expertise to build processes that identify the partners that truly meet our clients needs.


Some advertisers have already decided to in-house their media buying and planning operations. We provide services to support them in their transition.

These services include sourcing and selecting candidates for key roles, technology selection and integration, project management, training and process creation.

We often become an extension of internal marketing teams, providing expertise on topics such as measurement, ​identity and best practices.