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The Next-Generation Service Layer

With the pandemic accelerating change, we are witnessing yet another type of independent service layer emerge to enable advertisers to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

Here, ExchangeWire speaks to Wayne Blodwell (our founder), Robert Webster (Canton Marketing Solutions) and Paul Frampton (Control v. Exposed) on what their companies offer compared to “traditional” digital-first agencies, and the role they are set to play in the next-generation advertising ecosystem.

“How does your company stand out amongst the new-breed service companies?

The Programmatic Advisory only consults, we literally don’t do anything else. We don’t have any deals, we don’t run campaigns. We just advise, and we’ve been doing that for four years. We have an impressive list of clients who trust us and retain us in order to keep pushing them in the right direction. Where we stand out is our experience, expertise, and our commercial model. It’s the simplest business model in the world. Just get really good people to advise brands on what to do, and remove any conflict and create a culture that allows for really talented people to think about a programmatic future. – Wayne Blodwell”

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