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empowering advertisers to unlock the value of their data

The Programmatic Advisory work with advertisers to navigate the challenges faced in identifying and leveraging data within programmatic.

Data is essential for best-in-class programmatic advertising. With regulations such as GDPR, and the recent changes imposed by browsers to block third-party tracking, data has never been so valuable to brands.

Brands that achieve great performance in programmatic typically have access to quality data, and at a large scale. However, a challenge lies in that data can be acquired from many sources, with varying degrees of quality.

As a result, there becomes a need for brands to construct a robust data-driven strategy that identifies high-quality data sources and one that provides a framework to utilise data within marketing effectively.

We provide strategic consulting on how to navigate these challenges, so that brands can continue to practice compliant advertising at scale. Read more about our programmatic data services below.

Programmatic Data Services

Changes to consumer privacy legislation are having a profound effect on marketing use cases. Advertisers have traditionally leveraged user data for targeting, measurement, frequency capping and personalisation within programmatic advertising.

Consent is required from European citizens for advertising and analytics processes. Additionally, browsers and operating systems have implemented restrictions that limit audience data collection across environments.

As a result, advertisers need to navigate an ecosystem where new solutions are solving for their most important use cases.

We ensure that brands understand the impact of user privacy on marketing, have access to quality and complaint data, and can meet user privacy requirements.


A strong understanding of channel-specific metrics, when to apply them and the creation of accurate macro and micro measurement solutions should be developed to achieve a best-in-class measurement strategy.

However, it can be difficult to achieve a comprehensive view of how digital ads are performing in the first place. There are hundreds of metrics to choose from: these varying depending on the channels, the ad tech and the advertiser. Without meaningful KPIs that reflect business objectives, brands are subject to false media performance.

Ultimately, to overcome this, we believe that brands need a bespoke approach to their measurement strategy. We partner with brands to implement this.


Targeting is one of the most important use cases for programmatic marketers. Several first, second and third-party data sources allow advertisers to identify and target audiences across the internet. However, these data sources can vastly range in quality and scale.

We partner with advertisers, and their agencies, to identify all of the relevant data at their disposal and empower them to use their ad spend to its full potential.

Some advertisers are fortunate in that they have a wealth of first-party data while others rely on partners. Our programmatic data services help advertisers understand their most valuable data, regardless of the source, in order to drive better marketing performance.

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