Company overview

The Programmatic Advisory is a strategic programmatic consultancy. It was founded in September 2016 by programmatic veteran, Wayne Blodwell. Wayne recognised the need for brands, tech companies and publishers to receive completely impartial advice from people who operated within a culture that allowed thinking to thrive.

The Programmatic Advisory. Impartial Advice. Empowered Advertising.

Our mission

  • Our mission is to become the go-to programmatic consultancy.
  • We’ve never and will never take a rebate/kickback or create any conflicted relationship.
  • We only sell our time in project fees or day rates to provide our clients with the most optimal impartial decisions.

How we work

The Programmatic Advisory work with clients in a number of ways, but every relationship starts with the question ‘what are you trying to achieve?’. We then we customise our scope around that.

We are also very clear where the requirements fall outside of our expertise, but more often than not, we are able to provide advice which drives a marketing program forwards.

Successful programmatic doesn’t operate in a silo, it’s reliant on bringing together many factors – we believe only a consultancy which has no conflict of interests can create customised programmatic operations which works for an advertiser’s individual needs.

We pride ourselves on being the leading programmatic experts at The Programmatic Advisory. Our hands-on-keyboard experience ranges from programmatic planning through to execution which is essential when building a programmatic strategy. Our experts have partnered with brands that work closely with their agencies and also those that seek to in-house programmatic advertising.

Discover more about our services, our passionate team and the work we have produced throughout our site.