Brand Safety Review for Publishers

In recent years, advertisers have cracked down on brand safety – but the knock-on effect of over-zealous blocking is increasingly limiting publisher’s monetisation. Publishers are facing a challenge when it comes to surfacing “hard” news content as this is often undesirable for brands, and can be flagged as non-brand safe. In order to grow revenue, there is a need to balance delivering the content that readers expect with the levels of brand safety that marketers require.

We work extensively with advertisers, helping them develop their brand safety strategies when it comes to activation. Given our in-depth understanding from a buy-side perspective, we are able to assess the issues from both perspectives.

We have created a product which allows us to review the brand safety aspect of your offering and present back ways in which we think it can be enhanced to improve the overall fill and yield.


We have a simple four-step approach to reviewing campaigns for publishers to uncover opportunities for advancement

  1. Establish the current position (benchmarking)
  2. Key stakeholder meetings (conducted remotely)
  3. Recommendation build
  4. Presentation back
What we require  
  • List of no less than 2 and no more than 5, internal stakeholders who contribute to the programmatic offering (head of programmatic, head of ad ops, revenue director etc.).
  • Supporting documentation such as sales decks and monthly reporting
  • Access to core systems (adserver, ad exchanges, 3rd party brand safety you use yourself, monetisation tools etc.)
How long it takes  

From our first day of internal stakeholder meetings until presentation back, takes 2 weeks (assuming no diary difficulties)

Why The Programmatic Advisory  
  • We have conducted 3+ projects like these for leading publishers in this space.
  • We have the most-rounded view on the programmatic market
  • We are programmatic practitioners turned consultants
  • We do not have any conflict of interests in our business and therefore able to make the best recommendations for you
Expected costs  

We know it’s a challenging time for publishers, with advertisers pulling budget and being extra cautious. However, having a grasp of brand safety and how to overcome any associated barriers will help to limit ad-blocking, enhancing demand and revenue.

how can we help you?

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