Brand Safety Review for Advertisers

Brand safety is a set of measures that aim to protect the image and reputation of brands from the negative or damaging influence of questionable or inappropriate content when advertising online.  It is vital that advertisers implement brand safety measures when buying programmatically due to the high reputational and financial risks involved, particularly in light of a recent global pandemic and the need for advertisers to invest responsibly.

The Programmatic Advisory believe that every advertiser should have their own brand safety strategy that minimises risk and ensures all internal stakeholders can answer confidently how money is invested in programmatic.

The Programmatic Advisory works with advertisers to construct specific brand safety requirements and use this to review the approach in place today before providing bespoke recommendations. It will ensure that advertisers are maximising the opportunity to reach target audiences while minimising brand safety risks. 


We have a simple four-step approach to your brand safety review. 

  1. Stakeholder interviews – Understanding your brand safety requirements 
  2. Implementation review – Reviewing the implementation of your brand safety approach
  3. Recommendation construction 
  4. Presentation 
What we require 
  • List of no less than 3 and no more than 6, internal stakeholders who contribute to your programmatic activity (brand managers, planners, traders, programmatic lead) 
  • Access to your existing brand safety documentation
  • Where possible, access to the tech directly (DSP and Brand Safety Provider)
How long it takes 

From our first day of internal stakeholder meetings until presentation back, takes 2 weeks (assuming no diary difficulties). 

Why The Programmatic Advisory 
Expected costs 

We know it’s a challenging time for advertisers who are trying to strike a balance of responsible media buying alongside reduced risk. However, having ownership over brand safety and how to overcome any associated barriers will limit the risks, enhance performance and ensure money goes into the hands of the right industry actors. 

how can we help you?

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