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We’ve always believed in specialisms over services and today we’re excited to add a Supply Specialism alongside our existing Operations, Technology and Data specialisms.

Supply Specialism Launch

Supply has different definitions in the ad industry (media, inventory, impressions etc.), but ultimately, it is the ‘thing’ at the end of the supply chain an advertiser is purchasing and a publisher is selling.

A global advertiser can purchase 771 billion of these ‘things’ through programmatic technologies every single day. Whether that be video, audio, banner, or native formats, on top of mobile, TV, desktop, or out-of-home devices. Within that process, it has been well documented that there are hundreds of intermediaries, and oftentimes we see up to 30 different companies involved in the single sale of an ad impression.

Given the increase in connected devices and formats, those with the right wherewithal can leverage the supply chain dynamics for competitive advantage now, and in future.

We have decided to structure our approach to Supply into four areas. These four areas represent the entirety of how a brand should think about opportunities within their programmatic supply chains, but also allows for enough flexibility beneath each area to be bespoke to their needs.

All of these areas have been developed with the backdrop of making advertising budgets work harder. Squeezing service and tech partner fees will get you somewhere, but taking a smart and considered approach to your programmatic supply will make much larger gains.

supply audit

A simple but robust, customised process to understand what an advertiser is buying today, and what they could be doing in future. Behind all the technical aspects of the programmatic supply chain, how an advertiser buys impressions boils down to the quality, transparency and performance of the buy. We structure our scoring around this criteria to provide actionable recommendations, and we often deliver this in collaboration with the existing agency – because we’re always keen to point out that an audit is not a finger pointing exercise.

curated marketplace

Advertisers have taken control over their programmatic activity in recent years, but supply is where the most amount of opaqueness exists. Creating a curated marketplace can remove this and offers advertisers greater control over where and what they buy, by proactively contracting more closely with key exchanges and publishers.

brand suitability

Brand safety has quite rightly evolved into brand suitability, a far more nuanced approach to where you want to serve your brands messaging. There are many misconceptions with this, but having your approach to buying well documented and considerate of the Quality, Transparency and Performance framework ensures that you stay ahead of ad misplacement and invest budgets responsibly.

supply path optimisation

SPO – everyone’s talking about it, very few have access to the data and an ability to visualize it in a meaningful way. We work with technologies which allow for the deepest access to supply chain data, and help you partner with companies who are willing to augment their data with yours, so that you get a rounded view on your supply chain and can optimize the path to impression (a single impression often has 10+ routes to purchase) effectively.

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