Blog – Getting to know our new programmatic consultant Millie Carter

We’re delighted to announce that Millie Carter has joined TPA as a Programmatic Consultant.

Millie Carter Headshot
Tell us a bit about your background!

My experience to date has been working on the publisher side of advertising, developing and growing existing and new clients; most recently for Conde Nast UK’s digital and programmatic portfolio where I managed the UK strand of activity, working closely with CNI (Conde Nast International). I also worked at eBay as part of eBay’s in-house selling team and an ad network that included the likes of ITV & Lad Bible in their offering. Each role had me working with agency and client direct to pitch, plan, execute and review digital activity, as well as forecasting, analysing data and helping to set up and roll out audience segments through the eBay and Conde Nast DMP’s. It’s been a nice mix of performance and brand experience.

What appealed to you about The Programmatic Advisory?

This role is wildly different from any previous position I’ve held within media. I’m really excited to further develop my knowledge and expertise outside of account management and sales to ensure that the clients who approach me are getting the best possible impartial consulting without any internal or external financial incentive for the business. I’ll have the opportunity to learn from the TPA team of experts, to find solutions and build strong strategies for a range of brands, and become a programmatic expert!

What do you like most about programmatic?

I find programmatic a really exciting landscape to be involved in; it’s ever-evolving and almost imperative to have a strong understanding of this channel, even more so now given the new standardizations, policies and innovations which are also being discussed and shaped on a national and global scale. The capabilities will continue to develop as more and more marketers will rely on this channel for their media buying and distribution. Partners within the space are very forward-thinking; new capabilities & technologies are always emerging to overcome new and historic obstacles. Programmatic can be a fully brand-safe and transparent form of marketing, really utilising data and seeing tangible results and learnings.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…

I lived in the Amazon Jungle for 2 months working on a reforestation project.

how can we help you?

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