Blog - Data Clean Rooms Series

With the deprecation of cookies and device IDs, brands are needing to rethink their data and measurement partnerships. With less reliance on third-party cookies, first-party data is expanding. In a cookieless world, data clean rooms have emerged to provide a secure environment where businesses can store, share and match first-party data in a privacy-compliant way.

To help you understand more about Data Clean Rooms, we have produced two carousels, which can be seen below, to outline what data clean rooms are and how they actually work.

What are Data Clean Rooms?
  • Definition of data clean rooms
  • The background of data clean rooms
  • Key use cases

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How do Data Clean Rooms Work?
  • Definition of data clean rooms
  • In an open marketplace environment
  • In a walled gardens environment

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More and more solutions have evolved in the past year to solve the new way data is shared between companies.

Each solution is unique and fits businesses in many different ways. Please contact us to learn what solution would be right for you.

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