Advertiser Direct Sales Review for AdTech and Managed Service Providers

In recent years, suppliers have looked to diversify their revenue base away from an entirely agency-first approach. The reasons for this are three-fold; advertiser revenue tends to be stickier, less commercially punishing and to mitigate any risk from agencies that are in decline. 

We work extensively with advertisers, helping them select partners for their programmatic activation. Given our understanding of what is required from an advertiser perspective we are in a unique position to be able to assess the ‘client-direct’ sales proposition for many suppliers.  

We have created a product which allows us to review your programmatic offering and how it’s positioned for advertisers directly. We’ll then provide recommendations on how this could be improved. Ultimately, all ships rise in the tide and we’d like our clients to have access to the best in-market partners and solutions! 


We have a simple five-step approach to analysing your advertiser direct sales approach and how to advance it 

  1. Internal stakeholder meetings (conducted remotely) 
  2. External stakeholder meetings with key buyers (conducted remotely) 
  3. Document analysis & platform login 
  4. Recommendation build 
  5. Presentation back 
What we require 
  • List of no less than 4 and no more than 8, internal stakeholders who contribute to programmatic offering (CEO, head of sales, product manager, lead engineer etc.) 
  • List of 5 advertisers you’d like us to speak to so we can understand their thoughts on the offering 
  • Access to your sales documentation and where possible, access to the tech directly 
How long it takes 

From our first day of internal stakeholder meetings until presentation back, takes 4 weeks (assuming no diary difficulties). 

Why The Programmatic Advisory 
  • We have conducted 5+ number of projects like these for leading companies in this space. 
  • We have the most-rounded view on the programmatic market 
  • We are programmatic practitioners turned consultants 
  • We do not have any conflict of interests in our business and therefore able to make the best recommendations for you (note – we will not connect you to brands for a fee) 
Expected costs 

We know advertiser direct requires a very different tact and approach for suppliers. We can help you navigate this and advance a new predictable/stickier revenue stream. 


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