A day in the life of a Senior Client Partner at The Programmatic Advisory

Written by Lloyd Greenfield.

A typical day in the life of a Senior Client Partner at The Programmatic Advisory usually starts on my commute to work. I’ll use this time to chat to the team about the day ahead and to catch up on the latest programmatic news (there’s always something new to read about).

Working as a consultant means I’m usually working on one or two long-term projects so the first thing I’ll do when I get into the office is check the status of these. I’m currently working with an entertainment brand who are in-housing their programmatic activity which has a lot of moving parts owing to the global nature of the engagement and existing relationships they have in place with a variety of service providers. Our remit is to provide recommendations on best practice and to also provide practical recommendations on how they can do this with minimal risk – today I’m compiling a list of findings from our discovery sessions with the client.

The discovery part of the process is arguably the most enjoyable because we get the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about a clients’ business. Their unique challenges, motivations and technical setup are all captured in a short amount of time. These findings will help me to provide tailored recommendations when presenting back a month later. This means that fact-checking everything with the stakeholders is extremely important and is there for the next thing on my list of to-dos.

For anyone that knows me personally will know that lunch, or food in general, is something I take seriously. We’re fortunate to be spoilt for choice in Holborn and after careful deliberation with the team, we’ve opted to keep it healthy as we’ve got a busy afternoon ahead.

Following the light lunch, we host a DSP pitch for a Telecoms brand of ours. We are halfway through the process and have whittled the number of providers down to a final few. I’ll be keeping an eye out for specific technical requirements, levels of service and the provider’s attention to detail when answering our client’s challenges. These afternoons are super valuable as it keeps us at TPA up to date with the latest in programmatic tech and empowers our clients to get into the weeds of their programmatic investments.

I’ll round off the day by ensuring that I’ve completed my operational tasks. This is the less glamourous side of my role but super important when being part of a small business. Timesheet entry, the production of marketing content and new business are all regular non-client tasks that need my attention.

If I’m not playing football that evening, then I’ll likely head home and catch up on whatever series I’m binging on Netflix (currently Stranger Things). Perhaps responding to the odd email or WhatsApp from the team as well.