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May 2018 – Customer Data Platforms

In this whitepaper we provide information, insight and understanding into the emerging marketing technology known as Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and discuss whether they provide value for brands.


April 2018 – Are You Really Maximising Programmatic Creative?

Programmatic creative allows advertisers to leverage their data to inform creative production and personalisation with the aim of increasing its impact on campaigns and increasing effectiveness. However, there are key considerations that must be made when investing in this area to maximise its effectiveness. In this whitepaper we will be providing you with key recommendations to get the best out of your programmatic creative solution.


January 2018 – A Practical Guide To GDPR

In this whitepaper we highlight the key risks of GDPR for publishers, data providers, agencies and ad tech companies who work on behalf of an advertiser. Across each of those entities we have provided a checklist that will enable an advertiser to collaborate closer with their partners and minimise business’ liability when GDPR regulation comes into force.


September 2017 – Are you really a data-driven marketer?

Data really is the fuel that powers marketing decisions and it provides a substantial competitive advantage for advertisers. In this whitepaper we look at whether brands are actually data-driven and if not, how can they become it?


July 2017 – Are you really planning programmatic effectively?

The industry has moved at such a pace that programmatic planning has not kept up and is in many cases substandard. In this whitepaper we look at the way in which brands should approach planning so that they become more data-driven and ultimately use their marketing budgets to a much greater effect.


June 2017 – The State Of Programmatic Inventory In The UK

It is commonly known that programmatic inventory provides significant scale and efficiency when it comes to targeting audiences across devices and formats, but this needs to be planned carefully. In recent years, the programmatic inventory landscape has rapidly evolved, with more publishers leading a ‘programmatic-first’ mentality and, as a result, a wider array of formats becoming available programmatically across all devices. An in-depth look at available inventory in open ad exchanges over a 30-day period in the UK highlights that, despite these recent evolutions, the picture isn’t yet as rosy as you might think.











May 2017 – Are you really ready to in-house programmatic?

Many marketers are confused over what their programmatic operating model should be and whether programmatic is something they should bring into their own organisation (this is known as ‘in-housing’). In this whitepaper we look at what is required to setup a programmatic operation in-house and provide a framework for how to reach a decision on whether a marketing team is even in the position to consider in-housing.