*Written by our Founder & CEO, Wayne Blodwell* Since I read my first book on how the Internet works I have believed in a completely open Internet one whereby anyone can create or share content and I created many (really bad) websites and blogs to much enjoyment. Since starting in marketing nearly 10 years ago I have held the belief that an open industry is the best way for delivering the best user experiences with brands and therefore the most
Originally posted by The Drum here. Programmatic advertising is expected to grow faster than all other digital mediums in 2017, becoming the principal method of trading digital display, according to media agency Zenith. The group’s Programmatic Marketing Forecasts report outlined findings from 41 key advertising markets and suggested that programmatic will grow 31% next year, outpacing social (up 25%) and online video (20%). It also predicted that a growing proportion of these other channels will be