We have a commercial model which allows us to only make the best recommendations for our clients with absolutely no conflict of interest.


We are consultants, that’s all we do. We hire best in market programmatic experts and provide foundations and a culture for them to thrive.


Our recommendations are tangible and empower our clients organisations to enable better programmatic marketing. Better programmatic marketing = better business performance.

The Programmatic AdvisoryImpartial Advice. Empowered Advertising.


We were founded in 2016 to provide advice to businesses on how programmatic could achieve their goals. We expect all media to be bought and sold through programmatic technologies in future and is therefore a critical part of any advertiser’s plans.

Successful programmatic doesn’t operate in a silo, it’s reliant on bringing together many factors – we believe only a consultancy which has no conflict of interests can create customised programmatic operations which works for an advertiser’s individual needs.


We help advertisers with their programmatic marketing. We only consult. We do not execute or have reseller agreements with any parties. We review, transition and audit progress on an ongoing basis. We will deliver anything from a short high-impact project to a multi-year retained agreement. We customise our services to client needs.

We work across all verticals. We have deep experience in; retail, travel, telco and finance. We understand the competitive marketplaces our clients operate within and provide solutions to help them achieve their business KPI’s through programmatic marketing.

Programmatic gets defined differently by everyone in the marketing industry, but we believe it to be ‘the data and technology that enables marketing’. We think programmatic expands into areas such as customer relationship management, media buying, measurement and personalisation.

Our client base is primarily advertiser focused but we have consulted for ad technologies, publishers and data providers on their go-to marketing offering. We also provide a lot of customised training programs for a variety of different companies in the marketing industry.

Media agencies are exceptionally important for many of our clients. We often find out best work is when we work collaboratively with the agency. We don’t do what they do; we don’t plan/buy media, we don’t operate managed services, we don’t leverage our trading scale for commercial benefit etc. We are additive to an agency and are not constricted by other areas of our business.



  • The Programmatic Advisory have developed a series of CPD certified training courses for the IAB UK

    The Programmatic Advisory are proud to share that we have developed a series of CPD certified training courses for the IAB UK.

  • The Programmatic Advisory Is Proud To Announce The Partnership With Deutsche Telekom

    We are proud to announce our partnership with Deutsche Telekom to provide a new media auditing & evaluation solution across Europe delivered as part of ‘Team Fernglas’; a professional collective that harnesses the expertise of specialist companies in the key disciplines of paid media ecosystem auditing.

  • How DTC Brands Are Using Programmatic for Business Growth

    Given the importance of marketing for their growth, DTC brands typically start with running paid search and paid social marketing activity in-house from an early stage. These platforms offer them access to millions of prospective customers at the push of a button with tools that are relatively easy to use.

    Owing to their digital-first nature, they have a major strength in terms of collecting and activating consumer data within their marketing campaigns. They will rarely struggle to get access to detailed page and customer data, which is a common challenge that some legacy brands face. This is hugely important for the success of digital-based marketing, because the more a brand knows about their customers, the more informed their buying strategies are likely to be and, therefore, the campaigns are significantly more effective.

  • The Telecoms Battle for Media Dominance

    The media landscape is currently going through an unparalleled period of change. We have the large consultancies battling to gain a slice of the media agencies pie; we’re seeing a number of acquisitions further consolidating the landscape, and now we’re entering the beginning of the battle for the telecoms to enter the media space at scale.

    One of the biggest pieces of news in ad tech so far this year was the acquisition of AppNexus by AT&T. This acquisition, coupled with AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner signalled a real statement of intent to fully enter into the media buying and selling space.



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